New Website Launched for Our Wedding and Elopement Photographer Client

We’re excited for a new website launch for Heather, a Denver-based wedding and elopement photographer!

Would you like to know what it takes to re-design a website with over 5000 images and several blogs?

When Heather came to me, she was telling me that she would like her website to perform better in Google searches. Originally she built it by herself, and it was a great starter website. Now, several years later, she has built an admirable portfolio, thousands of wedding and elopement photos, and she was looking to make an impact with her website. She wanted to show off her talents and attract the right clients in the future. Besides her beautiful images, she wanted to make sure that her SEO is spot on for people that are looking for her services in Google searches.

Wedding and Elopement Photography website with SEO

Website Re-design Challenges

One of the challenges was that we wanted to keep her blogs, because those were valuable parts of her original website. Blogs help rank you higher in Google searches, as long as they have the right keywords, as well as other SEO features are set up correctly. It took a bit of effort to teach basic SEO skills to Heather, our client, but she took the challenge really well. Soon, she was able to make small changes to her blogs to finetune their SEO.

Another challenge was that none of the existing pictures (and there were thousands of them) were optimized originally. They were large sizes and they haven’t been named with any SEO practices in mind. With so many images, this was a large project to take on. Besides these obstacles, we just wanted to make sure that the new WordPress theme was a good fit of what Heather imagined her new website would be like.

Wedding and Elopement Photography website re-design with SEO

Stunning New Website with SEO

We ended up with a complete website re-design, which was the right choice. We chose Flothemes for her WordPress theme, and the end result is a powerful, visually stunning, flowing photography website that is SEO optimized.

Check out her website at

Heather, we’re wishing you much happiness and good luck with your brand new website!