What Is UX Design?

UX design is creating a web design that takes into consideration how your customers interact with your website. Think about a hair salon or a barber shop that you visit for the first time. Is the place clean? Did someone greet you as you entered? Was the hairdresser or barber ready for you at the time of your scheduled appointment? Were you satisfied with the service? Was it easy to pay? Was it a positive experience? Would you come back again?

A user’s experience can be defined by how someone feels during their interaction with your website.


Is User Experience Important to My Small Business Website?


You may think that UX is not important to you, after all, you’re just a “small business”.
Let me ask you this, do you have a website? Is it just there so you can say you have a website? If your answer is yes, UX may not be important to you. But if you take your business seriously, you’re here to make money and you pride yourself of providing a quality service or product, then your website and how user friendly it is should be very important to you. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation. What your customers experience on your website, will matter a lot.


4 Things You Can Do Better for a Positive User Experience

1. Get to know your customers and understand what they need from you
2. Offer easy navigation around your site. People should be able to find what they’re looking for fast and easy. They’re not there for a treasure hunt, and trust me, they will leave your site if they get frustrated.
3. Make sure your website is loading fast. People don’t have patience to wait for long. 47% of people expect an average website to load in under 2 seconds.
4. Make sure your website shows up correctly on phones and other mobile devices, such as iPads.


How Can You Benefit from Having a User-Friendly Website?


You wouldn’t even think of the many benefits of having a user-friendly site. When people finding it easy and pleasant to navigate your website, it improves your sales, it creates loyalty, it even results in them referring your business to others. It even improves your SEO, which you may be surprised to hear. A UX design is labeled well, with titles and headings so it’s easy to understand. This also means that Google will understand it easy and will help you rank higher in searches. It’s a win-win. Wouldn’t you want all of these benefits?