I still remember the day I sat down in La Sandia at the Shops of Northglenn, ordered guacamole and chips, a margarita, and grabbed my brand-new notebook to write a business plan. It could have been the margarita, or the fact that I wrote down my plan for three years, I’m glad to say that brand new business that I dreamt up that day has turned six years old in June. As I’m reflecting on the past six years, I’m counting my blessings, my wits, my education, my strong relationships with my clients, my previous experiences, and perhaps my luck, as well. I had to face life changing events, some joyful ones, and some obstacles, like a pandemic.


Luckily, I came out strong, and glad to say that my brand, Kameleon Digital Marketing is doing well, serving clients, getting better known and referred by others. For those of you that are in your first couple of years running your own business, these are the


6 most valuable things that I learned about running my own business from the first day until now:


1. In good times or bad times, your business will be successful if you treat your clients well, and genuinely care for them.


2. When you start, you need to focus on networking. Buying the fancy office items can come later.


3. Even if you tell a 100 people about your new business, and only 2 of them buys anything from you, don’t get disappointment. People are watching you and notice your activities. Keep talking about what you do, how you do it, and in what ways you are able to help others solve their problems. People that have been watching you will turn into customers down the road.


4. Believe in yourself. You must be your biggest fan and supporter.


5.Work on becoming an outstanding communicator, salesperson, and a productivity beast. These are the skills that will put you on the road for success.


6.Most importantly, don’t give up! Once you set your mind to making a business successful, do it.

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