Our Values and Personality Make Us Who We are

Use the Secret Power of Color


The Power Profile Brand Assessment Tool will help you build a brand that stands out, and attracts your ideal clients.

Have you noticed that all around you, it seems like hundreds of new, service-based entrepreneurs are popping up every day?

On one hand, this is AMAZING because it means more people are pursuing their dreams.
But on the other hand, it means you won’t be able to just “exist” without a well-defined brand.
If you want your potential clients to choose You over all of the other experts out there, then you have to create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

But How Can You Get This Done?

How do you work it out…

• What colors to choose for your logo and website?
• Which values to stand by?
• Which sides of your personality to show to others?
• What tone of voice is most “you”?
• What words to use on social media, in your emails, in your in person meetings?
• What signature offer to have?
• What clothes to wear at your networking events?

If you’re not clear on these aspects of your business and brand, you will end up with clients that aren’t looking for what you offer. Or worst, they’re looking for a “cheap deal”, because people are confused about who you are and what you offer.

Let me tell you the secret that most entrepreneurs don’t know

If you’re a small business owner or a service-based entrepreneur, your clients aren’t buying in your service (remember, they have so many other choices). They’re investing in a relationship with you!

They choose to work with you because they like you, they identify with your values, what you say and how you solve their specific problem. And the only way you can help them decide if they want this relationship in the first place, is if you allow YOU to shine through your brand.

To sum it up, if you want to do really well in your business

It’s your RESPONSIBILITY to find out who the heck you are, what you stand for, and how you will communicate that efficiently and authentically through your website, social channels, in person and online events, videos, podcasts and really anywhere you show up so your ideal clients can find you!

But with so many ideas out there, this can be easier said than done.

Where do you even start?

What if I told you there's an easy way to start building your brand that will genuinely reveal your authentic values and bring to life your most fitting colors, brand voice, and more?
It’s a tool created specifically for service-based entrepreneurs like you:


*The foundation of The Power Profile is an in-depth assessment, based on Color Psychology, designed to help you discover and unleash your authentic brand personality. The Power Profile has been developed by Jessie May, Founder of the Daring Fempreneur.

Are YOU ready for the NEXT STEP in your business?

Sign up for my Mini-Branding Session that includes the Power Profile Online Assessment.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive assessment to help you uncover your unique brand personality.
  • Twelve different Power Profiles (one of which will be yours!), each with 5 beautiful pages outlining how to use your Power Profile in your brand.
  • A vocabulary specific to your Power Profile that you can use on your website, social media, talks and videos to make your brand voice consistent and memorable.
  • 5 in-depth training videos to answer all your questions about using the power of Color Psychology to build a world-class brand.
  • A 90-minute 1:1 session with Monika to go through your results and understand how to use them in your business.
  • Recommended color combinations to use on your website, logo, social messages, and marketing.
  • Complete Brand Guide in pdf format sent to you after your session.
  • Video recording of our Branding Mini-Session so you can review it later.

Your results will uncover

  • Your brand personality

  • Your brand values so you can use them to create connection and trust with your audience.

  • The impact your brand has on your clients and community

  • Which colors to use in your logo, photos, website, clothing and marketing materials

  • Words unique to your brand personality

  • The general look and feel of your Power Profile so you have an idea of how it translates to visual design.

  • Your Power Profile’s strengths and weaknesses so you can accentuate your strengths and be aware of the places you tend to struggle or get stuck.



What Others Are Saying

Monika, I so enjoyed the experience of taking the Color Psychology Online Self-Assessment with you. It opened my eyes to consider colors I never would have thought of before, and yet as we explored further they perfectly represent what my business is all about and what I want to convey to my clients and prospects. Thank you for helping to dial in on different shades of the power colors – it’s a fresh new start for my logo and my website.

And the report included a whole family of vocabulary words that I’ll make sure to use when I’m writing that also capture the essence of my coaching business. Very valuable tool and I know your clients will love this experience too!

Kathy BaselTransformational Coach - The Vitality Code

I really enjoyed exploring the Power Profiles to dive deep and figure out the best colors and vocabulary for my new website copy based on my own values. Thank you, Monika for showing me a simple and fun way to branding my business.

Therese RevitteMaster Nutritionist - Live Bright Nutrition