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Our Services

We offer a wide range of online services

  • Website and social media management

    We update your web content with new information, and add interesting, interactive content to your social media feeds to engage your audience.

  • Digital Campaigns

    We design e-mail, web, and social media campaigns to drive your business activities and sales.

  • Blogs, Newsletters, Ghostwriting

    We research a topic and write blogs, articles, as well as design newsletters in your name.

  • Online marketing consultation

    We build a marketing plan that’s just right for you, and we sit down with you if you’re in need of fresh ideas, find out which marketing tools would be smart choices for your business.

Our Profile

Kameleon Digital Marketing offers integrated online marketing services for small companies and non-profit organizations. We specialize in WordPress web design and managing all aspects of social media platforms to improve your online presence and meet your business goals.


We have worked with small businesses in the health and wellness, IT, travel, senior care, mortgage and finance industries. We create a custom service bundle for every client, because we recognize that each business is different and we create the best solution for them.

Our Mission

We make the World Wide Web a better place by starting, growing, and nurturing online communities by focusing on the positives.

We whole heartedly believe in the companies we are partnering with. We embrace the businesses and their team members we work with and treat them as they were part of our family. 

We are responsible global and local citizens and give back to the communities we are part of.

Our Vision

We find the right platforms that work for your company, and grow your company alongside you. We are flexible and are open to adjust to the changing business climate as well as to your business’ needs. 


We listen to you and your directives, because at the end of the day, it is your business that we are representing and you know your business and clients the best. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our Strategy

We do our research, focus on content marketing, provide value to your clients, so  they will want to come visit your media outlets for more.

We deliver the right elements through the most productive back end.

Social Media Content Only

Monthly Content
$350 per month

A mix of content pieces created for your business:
16 posts, including 4 branded custom images

You will post the content and manage your pages.

Social Media Managed Services

Content and Management
$500 per month

Content and Managing two social media platforms of choice
Includes up to four videos

In this package, we post and manage your pages for you.

Web Design

WordPress Websites
Starting at $2,000 One time

Responsive, Google and local SEO focused web design in WordPress

Small Business

What people say

Our Strenghts

We are client-centered

We are dreaming about helping you reach your business goals by optimizing your marketing channels. 

We listen to who you are, and what your unique journey is, and consider it when designing your digital marketing strategy.


We are professional

We keep up to date of digital trends and marketing statistics. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We believe we are good, because we know what is needed in today’s quickly changing Internet landscape for any business to succeed.

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