Are You as fascinated by Color Psychology as I am? Color psychology is a super interesting and important factor in business and branding! Colors have this amazing ability to spark emotions and associations in people’s minds. It’s like magic! Each color sends a special message and makes us feel different things.


If you close your eyes for a minute, and imagine yourself being surrounded by your favorite color, or being wrapped in a blanket of your choice of color, what pops in your mind? My color would be a warm red or sunshine yellow. I’m curious to hear what’s yours.


In her book The Power of Color, Cynthia Blanche talks about using colors to alter your mood. Here’s a bit of her insight of colors:


“Most people have favorite colors. These colors usually make them feel good, which in turn makes others feel good to be around them. However, your favorite color is not always the color that will make you feel on top of the world.”


For example, did you know that the color BLUE gives a sense of trust, reliability, and professionalism? No wonder lots of financial and tech companies love it!


What about RED? RED is all about excitement, urgency, and passion. Perfect for sales promotions, and representing sensual, heart-centered businesses!


GREEN is nature, health, and eco-friendliness in a nutshell, usually a smart choice for organic and sustainable brands.


By understanding how colors affect our feelings, businesses can create an awesome brand image, build loyal fans, and connect with our audience on a deeper level. I love color psychology for this reason.