Introducing our NEW Branding Tool, The Power Profile


In 2023, one of the most exciting programs I’m bringing you is the Power Profile Branding system designed by Jessie May, owner and founder of the Daring Fempreneur.


Having a Clear Vision for Your Brand

The reason I have invested in this partnership is because I have noticed that my web design clients don’t always have a clear vision of their brand and what values they stand for. With this added piece to my web design process, you will have a fabulous, clear image and know what colors and words represent you the best. This is key in attracting the right kind of clients and avoid confusion.


Your Brand Promise


The Power Profile system is an assessment and course based on Color Psychology to help you find the colors that reflect your authentic personality, amplify what makes you special and different from your competitors, and communicate your brand promise to your clients.


Check out my latest web design project for Sue Williamson, the Sassy Doc at Power Profile branding tool.


Ask me more if you’re interested, I would love to show you how it works. Happy New Year, Monika