How can you make your nonprofit website stand out? Below are the aspects you need to consider in creating a successful organization website.


Just like the successful sites on this list, your nonprofit website should:


  • Feature fascinating graphics.

    Your graphics can mean the difference between someone wanting to be a part of your project or not. Your graphics should include color design and artwork that catches the audience’s eyes but is also inspired by your brand.


  • Be rooted in user research.

    The best nonprofit websites know their audience and what attracts them. Successful nonprofit marketing teams explore how their donors act, instead of making them feel like just donors. They help to make the site visitors feel they are donating to the cause instead of the business.


  • Tell a story of strength and hope.

    Users want to be a part of team who know their donations are making a difference. Stories of your journey will help resonate and empower donors to want to be a part of your journey as well.


  • Offer seamless UX.

    The best nonprofit sites are created to meet their users’ needs. You need to consider every possible way a user could use your website. Making your website accessible in every way possible will help create a better user experience.


  • Be mobile and sociable:

    Phones and tablets are one of the easiest ways to receive donation, payments, and signing up for events. Take advantage of this, so donors can share your website easily to friends, family, and colleagues.


  • Offer easy and plentiful donation opportunities:

    Top nonprofit websites keep their design easy and simple. They make donating convenient and basic, so no one has any issues.


  • Be accessible:

    When using videos and images, be sure to includes subtitles or text a speech for visitors by using screen-readers. Make sure the colors of the text are clear and easy to read by making sure they have different colors than the video or photo.


Here is a list of my favorite nonprofit websites:


Girlswhocode  – Well-organized menu that is accessible and easy for all users. This site also provides a clear design, large fonts, and is easy to read and navigate. The donation button is also easy to find and is simple and clear.


Equal Opportunity – This non-profit website provides their main four points at the top of the home page. Their main four points are The Issue, Our Work, Our Impact, and Donate/Take Action. This makes it very easy for users to read through their site and learn what they are working to solve and how you can help.


Girl – While this website provides a colorful main page which could be a bit too much, the menu and pages are simple and easy to navigate. The shop and donation button are colored differently, which makes it stand out for the user.

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