The Difference Between A “Do-It-Yourself” and a Professionally Designed Website


If I give you one Google stat that will blow your mind, will you pay attention?

Google gets more than 77,000 searches every second.


Now, some of you are thinking that being active on Facebook will be enough to succeed in your business. Maybe you are right. Changes are you could engage with more of your ideal clients to grow your business. How about I tell you that some of your potential clients do not use Facebook AT ALL. Having a well performing website will help your ideal clients that prefer Google find you.

We meet websites every day that were designed by the business owner and they’re just fine. They serve the purpose of providing basic information about the business, its services or products, its location, and maybe even more.

However, there are invisible parts that are internal features on a website. Some of these are more important to Google, than to your website visitors. However, these are exactly the features that will help your website be found and rank higher in Google searches.

  1. SEO Features – Your pages on your website ideally include key words related to your business and that particular page. A good web designer and copywriter will know how many keywords are not enough, but how many are too many. If you’re using WordPress, Yoast SEO is a simple, helpful and free tool. In the meta script, it’s smart to set up what the page is about.
  2. Image Optimization – Mind blowing as it is, even the name of your images matter in ranking on Google. Naming your images with keywords that relate to your services and what that page is about makes sense to Google. Adding locations feeds searches based on location (e.g. esthetician in Houston).
  3. Flow – A website expert will create the rhythm of your pages, where the pictures and the paragraphs will have a solid balance. He or she will use space to help this flow. At the end, you would like your website visitor to have a positive user experience. That’s one of the keys to gain return customers.

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