Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your services and products. Done right, your customers would like to hear from you again and again. Did you know that every $1 you spend on email, you can expect a $42 ROI, according to the Data & Marketing Association (2019). The key is to not overwhelm your subscribers, but rather provide value to them. It can be interesting articles, quizzes, games, current happenings, or a sale.

Staying Consistent

Regularly sending out valuable emails to your prospective or current clients will keep you top of mind. When they are ready to use your services or buy your products, they’ll remember you. One thing we can debate about is how often is too often when it comes to emails. This is something you can decide for yourself after doing a little market research.

Growing Your Email List

One of our favorite ways to grow our email list is to offer a presentation in a business group, and at the end, ask participants if they would like to receive notifications of our upcoming events, workshops, or industry trends. Usually, some of the participants will say yes. Other ways to grow your list is to add a pop-up to your website asking people to sign up for your upcoming newsletters in email. Some people are more willing to give out their personal information if you provide an incentive, like 20% off their first order of a product, for example. There are other hooks that work well depending on your type of business. The one thing we advice against is to add emails without their owners knowledge or approval. This strategy isn’t usually a winning one anyways, as people will get upset, and most likely unsubscribe eventually.

Providing Substantial Value

Most people appreciate emails with interesting articles, pictures, and offers with significant value. This could mean different things to different people. Here’s our short list about what you can incorporate into your emails:
  • You can share your expertise with quick tips in your line of work.
  • You can add a “how to” video.
  • You can share an upcoming event
  • You can include seasonal happenings or a recipe
  • You can give a shout out to another business that you recommend
  • You can highlight a new service or product
  • You can share your musings
  • You can ask your readers about their input about something you’re planning

Why Email?

To sum it up, once you invest time and effort into your email marketing, it will yield significant results. It can become your prime tool to communicate with your audience, solicit their opinions, and introduce new services or products. We highly recommend investing in it.
Owner, Small Business Marketing Strategist
Kameleon Digital Marketing