Where all can a logo placed?

Your logo has places to be to represent you and your business. It works well on your website, you business cards, and print materials. However, a certain amount of your social content should also have your logo or your business picture. This will help to keep your company image in people’s mind.

Your current and potential clients will have an easier time recognizing you, as well as associate your message with your business colors or your face. When it comes time that they need your services or to recommend you, they will have an easy time remembering you. It’s a basic psychology principle, this is how our brain works. We are easily able to place in memory visual information which resembles objects, places, animals or people in a mental image. Did you know that 90% of information perceived by our brain is visual? You’ll be competing for how well people will retain your logo and business colors, so why not provide it on a regular basis?

How can you start branding?

My second favorite content when posting for my business clients after video is a branded visual. It could be a favorite quote, a new service offer, or what this business is about, the options are limitless. I recommend you implementing this strategy to your social media efforts, and you’ll see results. We all know how easy and tempting it is to repost a viral video or other third party post. The truth is people value originality, so your original content plays an important role in your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds. One of my favorite (mostly) free tool to create is Canva. I have it open and ready to go on my computer as I’m writing this article.

Any comments? I’d love for you to add your thoughts so others can benefit from it.

Monika Anderson is the Social Media Strategist and Social Manager of several health, business, finance and travel companies. She started Kameleon Digital Marketing to provide social media services to other small businesses and entrepreneurs to educate them about the potentials of well managed social media platforms.

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