The Power of Video

To Enhance Your Business’ Social Media Presence


One of my new clients has been using social media for years, but everything they posted was a useful third party article about health or beauty (which is their area of specialty). There were a few likes to every article, between one and five. This strategy didn’t generate a lot of interest from their clients. There was nothing about the office staff, their special events or anything really that relates to what happens at their business. With 500+ followers, it was clearly an untapped resource.

We sat down and brainstormed about the different kinds of information that would create a more meaningful and engaging experience for everybody, the office and also their clients.  The result is a beautiful mixture of pictures, articles, and videos about one-question educational skincare and beauty topics. We had instant interest with views and likes on Facebook, especially the videos. We had over 500 overall views the very first month we implemented the changes.

People that aren’t usually in front of the cameras have a certain amount of anxiety at a video shoot. What I do to ease that, is I provide more questions than videos we need, and also ask my video subjects if they would like to add a question that is their favorite topic. Something that’s easy to talk about. So their experience is open ended, not set in stone, and that way we have more flexibility, less anxiety. We practice the answers once or twice before we tape, and it usually ends up being an easy, and relatively stress free experience.

Click to see my collection of short skincare videos

Short videos work, because

  1. they are easier to consume than written information.
  2. you more likely believe the experts you already know.
  3. we are all brain-wired to pay attention to the human face.

So, go ahead, grab your phone, camcorder, GoPro and start creating, it works!



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