Hand with marker writing: Whats Your Online Marketing Strategy?  Your business

should have a marketing plan. Knowing current marketing trends, your business should place emphasis on having a digital marketing plan. If it’s done right, it’s more engaging, and therefore more effective. It also doesn’t need to be expensive. You may not have to have strong presence on all the social media sites out there, but you should have a well rounded portfolio that reaches your customers and interacts with them a with different types of content. Maybe your clients are teens and young adults in their twenties, and they’re active on Instagram and  Snapchat, so you don’t need a strong presence on Facebook, and Twitter. The key idea is to build a community, and offer some value to people. You may be spending money on social media advertising that doesn’t bring any results, so instead you should look at what engages your potential clients. You should think about adding a little humor. Do you realize how many hits funny dog and cat videos get on YouTube? The numbers reach into the millions. Try to ask an open ended question and engage your audience that way. How about offering a game with a prize that’s a service or product your company offers? Trust me, it doesn’t matter how old we are, we all LOVE to PLAY games.

Another sure way to create a stir is to reach out to one of the well known and trusted resources, like popular news magazines (LA Times, The New Yorker, CNN, BBC, The Guardian), and pick an interesting video that they recently posted and share it. Please, try to keep your social media blood and goreless, unless your business is Halloween. That’s the exception. People crave anything inspirational, witty, and meaningful. We’re surrounded by fake body parts, unreachable ideals, shallow reasons to do things for, and we already have more than enough of that kind of information. When I feel the need for a mood lift, I browse in the many Facebook pages I like for spiritual reasons. Those are the kind of messages and images that we need more of. Inspire your costumers, and they will love you for it. They will keep coming back for more, because they’ll remember that fuzzy, warm sort of way you made them feel the last time they were connected with you.

You want to know how much time and effort all this is going to take you. It definitely will take both. But the good news is, if you’re in business for all the right reasons, it will come easy for you. It should be part of your every day in some way. Even if you don’t post every day, look for the experiences and inspirations that will inspire you for your next ad, thought, picture, or blog that you create later. Take a picture or a short video of something that you enjoy doing at work, and include it. Video’s especially boost engagement multiple times as picture posts, so it’s worth investing a little time and effort in them. Read more about the power of video in another one of my blogs. If you feel that you’re not that good at expressing yourself, or you’re clueless about color coordination, which you could use for your marketing campaigns, you’re always welcome to reach out to a specialist, we’re here to help. With advice, ideas, or the actual marketing work that you can outsource. Sometimes that’s the best solution.

So, go ahead and put a funny sign next to your cute curled up cat, take a video of your favorite drink if you own a bar, compare your contributions with an upcoming Olympic event if you’re in a different business, and reap the benefits of engaging your audience, and boosting your sales. Good luck in all your adventures in life,


Monika, the Kameleon


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